Hey! I’m @tristanowen, a product manager and web developer currently working from Cape Town, South Africa. 

I consult to businesses offering Product Management, Web Development, User Experience (UX) Design, User Interface (UI) Design, No-code and Automation services.

I’m a builder by nature and enjoy working on side projects and educational content.

I’m a father to two little girls and I’m currently trying to teach them how to play the Ukulele!

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A Brief History of Time

I graduated from the University of Cape Town in 2005 with a Bachelor’s Degree (BA) in Film and Media Production and a Postgraduate Diploma in Enterprise Management (PDEM).

I’m particularly proud of an interactive lava lamp I built at University using the Flash ActionScript language (you could control the speed, size, color, luminosity and intensity of the blobs using interactive controls – it got trippy quickly!) and for designing, building and selling a magnetic keyrack we called the MagRack for my post graduate course.

Since then I’ve helped companies and brands build websites, develop products and features, scope technical requirements and see through the design, development, execution and optimisation of various technical projects.

Select clients include RedBull SA, RedBull Europe, Bio-Oil, Nedbank, SysPro, London Imaging Centre, Mobile Guardian and GemBridge.


I’ve started, and failed, many side project businesses and continue to advocate the benefits of starting side projects for the development of skills, knowledge and curiosity.

I’m currently working on DiviWP which is a library of pre-made templates and layouts for the popular WordPress theme Divi.

I’m also building FrontKit, a curated directory of no-code tools, resources, courses and templates.

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